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How a soldier should be?

Since soldiers are often entrenched in risky and dangerous situations, they must subscribe to the philosophy that no one is left behind. Therefore, good soldiers must possess courage in their own abilities to protect and defend and fearlessness to trudge forward when faced with danger to secure and safeguard fellow soldiers. Battle zones and war bases prompt good soldiers to be disciplined when faced with orders, fearless when entering combat and diligent to follow through with direct commands. Consistency is also an important quality of a good soldier. Soldiers must learn how to complete tasks proficiently and in a consistent manner to ensure policies and procedures run smoothly. For example, if a soldier is assigned to inspect equipment, that soldier must stay consistent with the procedures outlined by the commanding officers or branch of service to ensure the safety for the troop. Peacefulness is another important quality of a good soldier. The strain and stress of combat can drain soldiers mentally and physically, so maintaining a peaceful mindset helps them cope with the stress and continue to serve their country with a clear mind.
With all this I also wants to say that a soldier I mainly a Good “HUMAN BEING”

Developing process of a soldier is passes to hard work and dedication. Our time table and yearly calendar plays a major role here. We force student to wake up by 0430hours and physical training starts by morning 0520 hours. In physical training student perform following this with the help of Physical Trainer:

  • Running for basic warm-up
  • Running with Timers
  • Long jump
  • High Jump
  • Shot put throw
  • Relay race
  • Hurdles Round

We motivate student to clean his Bed and make his room clean, books and other things on place. This basic step help him to became obedient and he get a basic lesson of management.

After that in classes we promote them to became a leader and for this we organize many competition based on academics and extra curricular activities, we select commander, sports commander and best learning student. We award them to became a great achiever. We have house house where student shows great enthusiasm this are:


this way we nurture them to became a courageous person a foundation of soldier.